We live in crazy times. I believe that technology is not only making our lives easier and helping us make better decisions, but it’s also enabling the disruption of numerous industries around the world in positive ways. I made this website so I can meet the right people, and share my own crazy ideas with the world.

What I Enjoy Most

I love bringing innovative ideas into reality that are socially constructive. I believe it’s never been a better time to create technology that impacts society in positive ways. I also enjoy engineering and designing technological platforms and tools (currently I’m focusing on software). I’m always looking for opportunities where I can do both. I believe bringing technology into the world is both an art and a science, and when it’s done right, it helps solve problems in very efficient ways.

Who I Want To Help / Meet

Entrepreneurs who are trying to solve important problems in the world. Who enjoy “stirring things up”, and have a vision and need help bringing it into reality.

CTO’s or the technical founders of companies, I find I share the most things in common with these types of people.

Other engineers / developers.

Should We Chat?

If reading this gets you excited then we should probably connect.  Send me a line at my email below.